How will VR change our future?

We might associate virtual reality with games, but as I discussed in my latest episode of Anstandig on the Future, VR has the potential to shape the future of fitness, the workplace, and much more.

Let’s look at a few points discussed in Anstandig on the Future of VR.

VR and Fitness

The pairing of VR and fitness is only natural.

VR provides lots of capability to shake up your workout routine: from delivering a personal trainer and your favorite music to you mid-workout to transporting you to workout in some of the moth breathtaking places in the world.

The benefits can be traced back to gaming, including reports of people playing Beat Saber for so long that they lost weight thanks to the game’s full-body movement.

And that’s just a game. Imagine what VR can do in the world of fitness when it’s designed for that purpose. Thankfully, programs like Supernatural VR Fitness help with exactly that.

VR and Commerce

In Anstandig on the Future, we’ve discussed several technologies that can change the way commerce works. VR is another to add to the list.

Imagine modeling an outfit that has yet to release or seeing your new car before it ever arrives at the dealership. All this and more is possible thanks to VR.

Its power is washing into real estate, too. From home designs to touring places and museums, VR is being used much more frequently in that sector, too.

VR and Business/Enterprise

On-the-job training can be effective when done well, but imagine if you could show employees exactly how to do their job.

That’s the potential of VR training, and it even expands to something as serious as military sector training.

Enterprise VR training revenue is projected to hit 4.2 billion by 2023, and that covers anything from teaching employees how to stack boxes currently to teaching doctors how to do open-heart surgery.

Onboarding and training might be looking a LOT different pretty soon!

What’s next with VR?

VR might have as much life-changing potential as anything we’ve talked about thus far in Anstandig on the Future… if not more!

If you enjoyed thinking through these different use cases for VR—all of which came from my newest episode of Anstandig on the Future—I hope you can give the rest of the show a listen and learn more about how VR can impact the world we live in.

While this is a fun blog, it’s only the tip of the iceberg of what I covered in the show. I hope you can listen and share your thoughts with me here, or on Twitter, @anstandig.