The Future of Work

How will we work?

This was a question on everybody’s mind as the world slowed down and masks and hand sanitizer became more prevalent.

Now, as vaccines spread and we look at how COVID-19 changed work expectations, we have a chance to reflect on some ways that the pandemic, albeit devastating, actually helped improve business models and showed us new possibilities. 

From a look at remote work productivity to understanding implications of hybrid work models in the future, there is a lot of ground to cover in an evaluation of the future landscape of work.

Fortunately, Daniel Anstandig is an expert that has navigated the terrain first-hand as CEO of Futuri Media. In today’s episode, join Daniel for a look at how work-from-home can become a more permanent solution for many companies. 

Whether you’re listening in the car on a commute to your office or while preparing lunch in your own kitchen, enjoy this episode as you contemplate the optimistic future of remote work.


  • What is the future of work-from-home?
  • The new expectations for work when portable devices become our “desks.”
  • How freelancers are taking on a more prevalent role post-COVID.
  • The value of balancing social and work interactions. 
  • COVID-19’s implications for professions moving forward.
  • Stakeholder benefits for a mixed remote/in-person workflow.


  • Some approaches to work-from-home from major tech companies [2:22]
  • Are people actually less productive while working from home? [7:25]
  • What’s the best way to evaluate stats and move forward with work moving forward? [9:35]
  • The benefits and complications of a hybrid working model. [10:05]
  • Areas for leadership to consider when contemplating work conditions in the future. [11:30] 
  • Major opportunities in the coming years that stem from remote possibility [13:34]


  • “Now that we’ve tried this new model of working from home, do we really want to go back to normal?” [2:27]
  • “Workers who could do their job remotely were over 50% less to ask for time off and more likely to stay in their jobs due to a reported better work-life balance.” [7:51]
  • “The stats show that we love to work from home, and we can do it successfully, but they also prove that when we’re forced to only work from home, we end up feeling depressed.” [9:08]
  • “COVID has made me realize that, pandemic or not, ten years from now our once location-reliant company will gladly be a mostly distributed team.” [13:34]
  • “Ultimately, the best way to work is the way that works for you.” [14:30]




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