The Future of Retail and Omnichannel Shopping

As online shopping continues to rise in popularity, does this mean the end for ordinary brick-and-mortar retail stores?

Hopefully, the omnichannel approach can breathe new life into the struggling industry!

In this episode of Anstandig on the Future, Daniel Anstandig, CEO of Futuri Media, explains the omnichannel approach and why many retail companies are shifting toward it. The omnichannel is more than just balancing a physical and online store—it’s combining and interconnecting them within the shopping experience!

The collaboration between the two allows the consumer to use both, creating a more comfortable environment in which individuals can make purchases.

Ready to learn about the future of retail shopping? Daniel Anstandig is here to help.

Whether you’re driving to your favorite store or shopping online, enjoy this episode!


● What is omnichannel shopping?

● Why reviews are becoming essential for online purchases.

● How are companies transitioning toward an omnichannel approach?

● Can omnichannel shopping be done incorrectly?

● What makes people go to brick-and-mortar stores?

● How will omnichannel shopping look in the future?



● Defining omnichannel. (0:55)

● Two prominent consumer behaviors occurring. (3:26)

● Examples of existing businesses shifting to omnichannel. (5:39)

● Physical and online stores cannot be treated as separate divisions. (8:01)

● The power of personalization within brick-and-mortar stores. (9:44)

● Technology will continue making the shopping experience fun. (11:36)


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