The Future of NFTs


What is the future of NFTs?

This question has gained attraction after the recent growth within the NFT market and its ability to heighten digital property value.

Within the NFT market, collectors and businesses are now able to purchase one of a kind digital art that is exclusive to them by the form similar to a certificate, which identifies the digital asset as solely theirs.

At first glance, the NFT market may not seem like it has a significant impact on our world and aspects such as health or the environment, but there is a lot to be discussed regarding NFTs and their future.

Luckily, Daniel Anstandig, CEO of Futuri Media, has studied the NFT market and has come prepared to help! In today’s episode, join Daniel for a look at what NFTs’ future holds.

Whether you collect stamps, sports cards, or digital tokens, enjoy this episode as you contemplate the optimistic future of NFTs!



  • What is the future of NFTs?
  • How NFTs shifted the value of physical objects.
  • The variety of options an NFT can be presented as.
  • Ways to take advantage of this golden age of NFTs.
  • The concerns regarding the expansion of the NFT market.
  • How to minimize concerns and still engage in the NFT market.


  • Brief background and current understanding of NFTs. [3:35]
  • Some approaches to how NFTs can be created. [6:09]
  • Are NFTs going to have a big impact on contracts? [8.09]
  • The benefits NFTs could provide by reducing fraud. [9:25]
  • How do NFTs hurt the environment? [10:18]
  • What’s the best way to participate in the NFT marketplace while being environmentally friendly? [11:37]



  • “NFTs paved the way for the future of digital goods for collectors and even for businesses. NFTs are breaking ground for the relationship between art and consumer.” [3:07]
  • “With digital property, there is virtually no limit to what you can create and sell. If you can imagine it, you can tokenize it.” [6:31]
  • “Digital natives consider digital goods as valuable as physical ones.” [10:07]
  • “A single Ethereum transaction consumes more than 70-kilowatt hours, which is enough to power a U.S. household for 2 and half days.” [11:24]
  • “If you or your company enter the NFT marketplace, do our planet a favor please, and check where your NFTs are coming from. You can go green by supporting cleaner cryptocurrency.” [12:03]