The Future of Metaverse


Are you ready to enter the metaverse?

While the roots of the word trace back to science fiction, the metaverse is rapidly becoming a reality. Companies like Epic Games and Facebook are already showing the power of the metaverse for work and play.

But what is the metaverse, and how can it make for a better and brighter future? This episode of Anstandig on the Future will answer these questions while also uncovering more topics that will arise as the metaverse continues to come to life including the networking ramifications, digital ownership, and the technological requirements to enter it.

Host Daniel Anstandig is the CEO of Futuri Media and an expert in all things digital. If you’re ready to get a glimpse of our collective online networking future, Anstandig is the ultimate tour guide.

Whether you’re listening while washing dishes, driving to work, or perhaps while entering your own metaverse on Fortnite, this is an episode you need to hear!



  • What is a metaverse?
  • Origins of the metaverse and how we could be headed toward it.
  • How do you enter into the metaverse?
  • One way the metaverse can be experienced today (hint: it’s Epic!)
  • How gaming, business, networking, and entertainment will use the metaverse.
  • What real-world tech is needed for the metaverse.


  • Introducing the metaverse. (1:30)
  • How Epic Games, Facebook, and other tech companies are mainstreaming the metaverse. (2:22)
  • The future of social interaction and business on the metaverse. (4:02)
  • Getting into the metaverse—and what we mean by that. (4:40)
  • Practical applications of the metaverse. (6:10)
  • Real-world benefits we’re seeing from the metaverse. (7:28)


  • “A metaverse is a collective digital experience that can be shared by multiple individuals at once.”
  • “The easiest way to picture a metaverse is the game Fortnite, where there are tons of avatars piloted by real people, and they converge and play together in a virtual world.”
  • “Typically the first step in being part of the metaverse is deciding who you want to be. Almost all metaverses allow for avatar creation.”
  • “Hardware is progressing so quickly that the lines between the digital and physical worlds are going to continue to blur. When we can have a physical experience in a virtual environment, the sky’s the limit.”



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