The Future of eSports

eSports are more than just a game.

While many of us know of eSports, most of us don’t really just how BIG of a following they have.

And, as with every growing form of entertainment, eSports present ample opportunity for creative marketing and advertising channels that some companies have yet to explore.

For example, some of the largest e-sporting events have audiences bigger than that of an NBA Finals game… and they last for 8 hours! That’s a long time to have an audience looking at your logo.

To take a deeper look, Daniel Anstandig of Futuri Media is here to guide us through the world of eSports and what it can mean for players, fans, and companies around the world.

As you boot up your PlayStation or computer to drop into a game of Fortnite, enjoy this episode about the optimistic future of eSports!


● The story of the very first eSports match.

● How much money game companies make from tournaments (it will surprise you!).

● How companies and celebrities are tying their brand into games.

● Why eSports events might offer a better ROI than traditional channels.

● How do you stay on top of the eSports boom if you’re a media company?

● How eSports can become more influencer-focused.


● A game of truth vs. myth: eSports edition! (1:51)

● How major media companies are investing in eSports. (4:23)

● Benefits of eSports advertising compared to more traditional channels. (5:28)

● Companies such as Riot (behind Valorant) are getting creative with marketing efforts. (8:31)