The Future of Apple

“Apple has become the largest company in the world by market cap not by trying to become the largest smartphone vendor, but the most beloved.” (6:07)


Apple is everywhere.

You can stream Apple TV+ on your Apple TV while reading emails on your MacBook and sending texts on your iPhone. Even the word podcast is a portmanteau of the words “broadcast” and “iPod.”

But how did we get to this point—with Apple becoming a lifestyle for many consumers—and where does the world’s largest company go from here?

On the first episode of Anstandig on the Future, join Daniel Anstandig on a guided journey that looks at Apple’s past, mistakes, innovations—and most importantly—its future.

As a tech investor and CEO of Futuri Media, Anstandig is the perfect business mind to launch the journey into the super-company, so grab your seat, strap in, and get ready for blastoff!


  • Which Apple device was the most revolutionary
  • The Six Principles of Apple Design
  • How Apple could augment reality with new glasses very soon
  • Why Apple is getting into chips (and if there’s queso involved)
  • Apple’s approach to changing fitness and healthcare
  • The Apple philosophy for dealing with customers.
  • Apple’s missteps, including problematic designs that fail to put consumers first
  • And more!


  • The release of the first iPhone. [0:52]
  • The History of Apple [2:46]
  • The release of the iPod in 2001 changes everything [4:59]
  • Apple’s upcoming tech releases and innovations [9:15]
  • Drawing conclusions about Apple’s future [21:36]


  • Apply is not just good technology—it’s beautiful technology. The marketplace has proven that people will pay a premium for that combination. (7:05)
  • “Apple has always been different in the way they think. It’s a philosophy that can be boiled down to thinking about the consumer first.” [21:43]
  • “That Apple logo is only worth so much.” [24:00]


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