Companies and Products


Futuri, which works with more than 2,000 radio and television broadcasters and digital publishers worldwide, is the only company focused on growing results for media organizations with a full suite of innovative, AI-powered audience engagement and sales intelligence solutions.



TopLine is a one-stop sales preparation solution developed to accelerate every stage of the sales process.


An AI-powered, real-time story discovery platform developed to keep your content ahead of the conversation.


POST is the podcasting solution created exclusively for broadcasters.


Tether creates an interactive experience for your listener to connect and build a deeper relationship with your station.


A radio show prep system designed to save you time, keep you organized and help you deliver fresh content to your audience.

Futuri Mobile

The customizable mobile app your station needs to be heard wherever your listeners go.

Futuri Streaming

Your streaming solution to ensure the best user experience and audio quality.

Futuri Voice

Your station’s entrance into the smart speakers with customizable skills to help your listeners find you on smart speakers and connected cars.

721 Investment Systems

721 Investment Systems (721is) develops actively-managed, AI/ML-powered, rules-based investment strategies for every level of responsible investor. Comprehensive equity portfolio strategies previously exclusively accessible by large institutional investors are now available through our revolutionary, all-weather, high alpha investment products.


Predictions and ideas to generate market-beating returns. Finally, a service that tells you what’s coming, not what already happened.


Anstandig Publishing

Anstandig Publishing is the umbrella company for Daniel’s work as a songwriter, producer, performer, and rightsholder. Daniel records under the name Rhythm&Truth and has produced recent works for artists including The Voice contestant MaKenzie Thomas and Brazilian sensation Gabriel Henrique.


Your personal guide to enlightenment. HappiSeek is a thoughtfully designed step-by-step journey to help you awaken to who you were meant to be.

3D Media Ventures

3D Media Ventures provides consulting and strategy services to C-suite executives at a variety of media and technology companies.