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Daniel Anstandig is a tech futurist, passionate about the convergence between tech and media. He’s founder and CEO of Futuri, whose AI-driven audience engagement and sales intelligence technology is used by thousands of broadcasters, digital publishers, and content creators worldwide. The company has been named to the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies for nine consecutive years.

Anstandig has a proven track-record and experience with startup growth, operations, strategy and business development, fund raising, M&A, private-equity backed business, and most importantly, building entrepreneurial cultures focused on speed, passion, proactivity, and trust.

Anstandig, who holds 18 published or pending patents, is also founder and CEO of 721 Investment Systems, and SparkTrade.io providing AI-powered investment strategies and analysis; co-founder of HappiSeek, a guided hypnotherapy app; and a partner at 3D MediaVentures, where he advises C-level executives in media and technology. 

A proud two-time recipient of Edison Research’s 30 Under 30 and Crain’s 40 under 40, Daniel has also been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine for his work as a young entrepreneur.

Outside of technology, Daniel is an avid producer, drummer, and songwriter (BMI), producing albums for other musicians, including his own project, Rhythm&Truth. From media, to entrepreneurship, to music — Anstandig believes in the power of innovation and conscious capitalism to connect, inspire, and elevate humanity through business.


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Daniel’s cause: Kindness

Any responsible business person supports charities and other organizations designed to help better the world, and Daniel is no different. Here, though, we’d like to focus on one cause that everyone can get behind, and that costs absolutely nothing to participate in: Kindness

From a smile to a stranger who could be having a tough day, to doing small things that make someone’s life easier, keeping kindness top of mind is not only good for your fellow human being, but it’s good for your soul.

Here are a few small examples of everyday kindness I’ve picked up over the years that you can incorporate into your daily lives. If you have other ideas, please send them in through our contact form and I’ll add them here. I’m eager for this list to grow!
  • Tip in cash.

  • When you fly, give the flight attendants candy when you board (a bag of those individually wrapped Lindor truffles you get at the drugstore seems to be a favorite!).

  • Write positive reviews that mention specific people when you have a good experience. People are far, far more likely to complain than compliment.

  • At a hotel, tip housekeeping daily, and gather your used towels in the sink so your housekeeper doesn’t have to bend over to pick them up.

  • If you’re in a booth at a restaurant, pass your used dishes and glassware over and stack silverware on your plates to help your busser out.

  • Tell someone’s boss they’re doing a good job.


Reach out to Daniel’s team if you’d like more information on his work, a discussion about having Daniel speak to your organization, or to add to his list of everyday kindnesses.